Happy at losing 2-0?

The poor state of our football has descended to such a level that, the national coach Rajagobal said he was happy that the team lost to Japan under 21 team only 2-0! Earlier we had to labour to contain the robust physical play of Kyrgyztan – a nation more famous with Orange revolution than football. We won 2-1. The next foe would be China. Judging by the past performance of our national football team, I reckon the coach would be happier if we got a draw.
Still on football, I was so disappointed that multi-million pounds teams like Man City and Man U could produced such a dour match like the Manchester derby last night. It was so boring, I would rather watch a lawn bowling or curling match. Imagine these players are paid thousands of pounds a week to play football and to play in such unimaginative manner, maybe we should send our current national team instead to play Man U. I cannot believe Mancini can tolerate such a display from his charges. The Man City ensemble roughly cost around 79million pounds, almost the same cost as our smart school pilot project involving 88 schools. And only for them to play in such a manner, it was scandalous.

Despite winning the last three games, I still think Hodgson is not the person to helm Liverpool. If you cannot win against teams like Blackpool, and Wigan, how could expect to be in the top four? I have this lingering feeling that the win against Chelsea was just a flash in the pan and Liverpool would continue to struggle. The draw against Wigan somewhat proved that.


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