Gathering 18,000 teachers to meet the PM

Gathering a lot of people in one place is always a tricky job full of pitfalls and requires a precision coordination and a lot of patience not to mention money and time.
We are in the midst of gathering about 18,000 teachers to meet the PM this Saturday. Our team are responsible for the technical side including recordings of the events as well as providing the audio and lighting for the venue. It is a mammoth task. If you saw the recent Merdeka celebration, that is the kind of place and atmosphere we were tasked to create. To complicate matter, the venue was booked for the Adam Lambert concert the day before. The equipment for the concert has to be moved out before we can move in ours. To remove the equipment will take something like 8 hours and we can only move in by 6am tomorrow. People will not miss anything if everything goes smoothly but the moment something goes wrong either with the sound or lighting or the visuals it will blot our unblemished record for a long-long time. Typical of Malaysians, they would not bother to say anything if everything is okay but they will bludgeon you to death the moment something goes amiss as if it is the end of the world.
Time is really short. We were also tasked to come up with a 3-5 minute video clip depicting the success of our education to be shown to the crowd. With very little time and very limited visuals, the task was made more arduous. The team had to work till the wee hours of the morning. I am praying that the clip would be crisp, catchy and all encompassing. Had we had more time and bigger collection of visuals, we could have done a better job. We must take this as a lesson to prepare for the next task. A last minute job is never going to be good. I am a wee bit disappointed that we had not learnt from our previous experience in preparing the clip for this year’s Teachers Days celebration. Surely I can do without this heartache anymore. But as the saying goes ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’. So, folks please pray for us.


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