Resident Association Aidilfitri gathering

As soon as Ramadan ends and Syawal shoos in, the open house frenzy starts. I wrote about this in my Aidilfitri in Kuching entry. It looks like we are running shorts of weekends to hold open houses. On one weekend we have to attend sometimes up to four or five open houses. It has slowly evolves from tradition to obligation to some people. Roads in KL, especially the much maligned MRR2 are clogged event pass midnights – a time normally reserved for Mat Rempits.

One prime media conglomerate even held  open house with a specific theme. There is nothing islamic about this anymore, the only thread connecting the event with the religion is the month of Syawal and the term aidilfitri. The rest are all hedonistic excesses I would think.  But, like it or not, we are already too deep into this. Yesterday , like the years before this, we had our Sambutan Hari raya for the residents in our neighbourhood. It was a small scale affair. More like a family gathering of sorts and we had more non muslims attendees than the muslims. But that is always the case with our neighbourhood. The family spirit is always there. Imagine when we planned the event we had only RM53 left over from our Chinese New Year to provide food for 200 – 300 persons, but we are confident we can garner enough support from the residents to carry on the event. Fortunately many of our clients and supplier knew us already and more than ready to provide us products and services on credits – much credit must be given to our prime mover, one Lt. Col. from the army.  I may be the chairman of the organising com, but he is the mover and shaker of the event. I remember the days when he was in Nepal, nothing moved in the residents association. And things began to flow again when he came back.

We also manage to get support from DBKL and local politicians which threw in their bits and pieces to help us to put things together. To all concern, I raise my hats. If the government want to a real life experience of 1Malaysia at work, come to our Hari raya, Chinese new year or gotong royong events.


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