The motoring fraternity was recently shocked with the news of the severance of the permission by the Lotus Group to F1 Lotus Racing to use the trademark Lotus in Formula 1. The case is currently in British court.
Apparently Tony Frenandes and his 1Malaysia Formula 1 Racing Team gained permission to use the Lotus name from Team Lotus Venture (TLV). But Lotus’ owner, Proton was irked by the many instances that F1 Lotus racing straying from the terms of their agreement in permitting 1Malaysia team to use the Lotus name.
Proton’s boss, Syed Zainal said “I repeat that Group Lotus is the only company entitled to use the “Lotus” name in Formula 1 and that Tony Fernandes and 1Malaysia fully accepted this when they came to us in 2009 for permission to use our “Lotus” name for F1. 1Malaysia has not adhered to the terms of the license. It has sold an extensive range of unapproved merchandise and stayed outside the field of its license (which is limited to F1),”
Earlier, Lotus F1 Racing Riad Asmat explained that "this year, we have established ourselves as the leading new team in F1 as a licensee of Group Lotus, and, although we all dreamt of bringing Team Lotus back to where it belongs, we could not do so in 2010 because those rights were owned by Team Lotus Ventures. As Tune Group has now bought Team Lotus Ventures it means we can now use the Team Lotus name for 2011 and beyond. We are all delighted we can go into 2011 with total confidence in what we own, and what we can take to the track."
Proton was also reported preparing to use Lotus to foray into GP2 and GP3. Team F1 Lotus Racing also intended to do the same – with a different team.
I found the whole story making a mockery of the 1Malaysia spirit. It is business as usual, Business first, country later. Among the main player, the only foreigner involved here is David Hunt, the owner of FLV. The rest like Tony Fernandes, Riad,Syed Zainal, Nadzmi, are all Malaysians – can’t they work things out in the true spirit of 1Malaysia?


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