KPI for Ramadan

Unfortunately I have not been able to attend that many tazkirah Ramadan this year. A great shame really. Quality wise, from my perspective, my Ramadan this year is many shades lower than the previous years. Another great shame. I should heed the comment made by one ustaz in one of those rare Kuliah Subuh that I managed to force myself to attend. He insisted that we should set our KPI for every Ramadan, review it based on previous years performance or maybe review it every third of the month. Remember the hadis about the first 10 days is for rahmah (blessings), the second ten days is for maghfirah (forgiveness) and the final ten days is about being free from hell fire?. Never mind that the hadis is not categorised as hadis hassan, but in its rudimentary form, the hadis already laid out our KPI for Ramadan.
To get the rahmah, maghfirah and freedom from hell fire maybe I should target the minimum of how much donations to make to the needy, how many tazkirahs I should attend, how many rakaats of solat sunat I should do, how many times I should complete the reciting of the Quran, how much time I should spend to do the iktiqaf, make sure we meet the Lailatulqadar, etc. But as usual, I tend to flow with the tide, resulting in fluctuating performance not quite befitting the holy month. The only thing that I see a bit of improvement this year is my recitation of the Quran – So far I managed to complete about a quarter. A quarter? You kidding? With only ten days to go! Ah well, better than those years where I only fleetingly watched and listened to people reciting it on Tv during the musabaqah sessions. Remember those days when the international Quran reading competition (later they called it musabaqah then changed it to tilawah) were held during the month of Ramadan. But I have not missed any Tarawih this year just yet. Despite being given the leeway of doing it on our own at our leisure, I sometimes missed it or did it with the barest minimum.
So, I resolve this year as my Ramadan KPI, albeit a wee bit too late, I shall, at least not to miss any tarawih, complete one cycle of Quran recitation and donate at least a hundred ringgit and attend at least ten tazkirah (including Kuliah Dhuha, Subuh and Zuhur), spend less than RM15 for buka puasa goodies at the Ramadan bazaars, and not forgetting to forgive people every night before falling asleep (well, provided Mascherano definitely leave Liverpool and Rooney do not score) . It may sound too modest to you but for me it is a start. Insyaallah.


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