Procrastination: My greatest enemy

Wikipedia defines procrastination as “The act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness”.
I am terribly guilty of this malady. In fact I have suffering from this deficiency for many years now. This is made worse with the “flicking mud off the coat” principle that I subconciously tenaciously hold dearly. Not to mention “the just in time” principle. Flicking mud of the coat theory stated that if mud splatter on your coat, do not flick them off immediately as they will smear your coat. Wait for a while till the mud dried up then you can flick the mud off quite easily, leaving very little dirty mark on your coat which you can brush off cleanly. I have been using this excuse many a time, probably got away with it a few times and suffer terrible consequences many times. Recent ticking off by the big boss really jolted me out of my silly stupor in believing that issues and problems would simply dissolve given the passage of time. Hence I would procrastinate on tackling the issues head on, taking the bull by the horns so to speak. Procrastinating would lead you to find all sorts of lame excuses to delay things and things sometimes got swept under the bundles of files and forgotten only for them to bounce back and bite you in the ass with a terrible vengeance at a later time. I am vowing to tackle this habit of procrastinating. I should have sent that parcel to my daughter last week. I should have paid my bills two days ago. I should have forced my team to finish those proposals many weeks ago. I should have designed my Structural Equation Modelling many moons ago together with my framework for implemention of information system in schools. I should have finalised the organisation structure of the surau last week. I should have transferred money to my daughter last week… and the list of “should have” goes on and on. I am praying that Allah would give me strength to refocus on my priorities. Thank you maam for the sound advice. Bitter as it is but it is a good medicine.


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