bazar ramadan – a boon or a bane?

Yesterday TGNA suggested that Bazar Ramadan be renamed as Bazar Iftar to reflect the true nature of the bazaar. Probably this is just another exercise in naming a rose by any other name.  Personally, I think Klang valley especially Kuala Lumpur had more than enough bazar ramadan or bazar iftar or whatever you call them. Unfortunately most of those selling goodies and delicacies at the bazaar only out to make a quick buck. I just wish they understand the concept of barakah a bit more. Where is the barakah in selling a piece of  one inch of half burnt karipap full of air, with a tiny splodge of tasteless curried potato filling wrapped around leather hard shell  at a cost of 40 sen each? If only they understand that with a bit of sadakah thrown in they could earn more than money. They could earn the trust of customers and repeat customers and more importantly reward fromAllah, especially in this special month of Ramadan. Even with the recent spate of price hikes I still cannot believe that a tiny piece of karipap with almost nothing inside could cost 40 sen. Then there is this issues of taste and freshness and cleanliness and halal. And finally the traffic jam that these bazaars created is a real pain. The thing I do not understand is why do we need to have so  many of these bazaars in the first place. Isn’t the normal Pasar Tani or Pasar Malam (that actually starts around 4pm) enough to give us food for the buka puasa. Why do we need to have something extra for the Ramadan anyway? As it is the lane next to our home is only already congested every afternoon with all the stalls mushrooming like magic for the past couple of years. The thing that irks me most, while these stalls are mushrooming uncontrollably, the local authorities kept building more and more foodcourts that ended up empty bereft of customers. I do believe the foodcourts were built so that these roadside stalls have a proper place to trade and customers have a proper and cleaner place to eat. It would be logical to move these roadside stalls to these food courts and leave our roadsides as what they are supposed to be – roadsides, not market place or little restaurants or alfresco dining areas. Bereft of these roadsides convenient eateries, our lazy customers would naturally flocked to the foodcourts hence the issue of unpatronised foodcours would vanish. Nowadays the properly licensed food court traders have to compete with these unlicensed, uncontrolled (or maybe they are controlled by the Persatuan Penjaja) roadside stalls operators. All things being equal, they (the food court operators) would never win.

Back to the bazaar ramadan thing, I just wish they are not set up at a place near a residence area where the residents have to meander their way thru’ the jam before they can reach home. Normally I can cover the 50m stretch near my house to reach home within one minute but now it could take easily 20minutes. It is ridiculous. Ramadan or not, I want to get home as quickly as possible. But with these stalls plus the normal stalls, it is fast becoming like a battle zone. I wish DBKL would move these stalls to the commercial area in Wangsa Maju. Not near my home. I cannot imagine if somebody had a heart attack or a house catch  fire, how on earth the ambulance or the fire brigade can reach the place on time? Of course it hasn’t happen yet but that does not mean it will not happen. To me bazaar ramadan in the residential area is simply not on. Please DBKL, we have put up our complaints on numerous occasions. Maybe we should call up Karam Singh but then again I am afraid it would blow up as a religous issue instead. For the time being,  fancy a RM5 a piece murtabak  tampal anybody?


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