After 25 years, we did it again. Congratulations SDAR

If you remember in my previous posting I wrote about the PPM. I had the privilege of attending the final on Saturday afternoon in Hall B, PICC.  The parliamentary style debate, which is rather different from the debate that we normally associated with in our school days. These days the debate simulated a parliamentary style committee stage debate, where one party represented the Government would propose a motion and the opposition would do their utmost to  reject the motion. The motion yesterday was rather apt and current ” UPSR and PMR wajar dihapuskan”.  SDAR as the opposition managed to out debate the INTEGOM team and declared the winner of the Bahas  Bahasa Malaysia for the PPM 2010. To put icing on the cake, the best debater also won by a SDARIAN. The last time we won the debate was way back in 1985. Of course the supporters were ecstatic, yours truly included. These words kept ringing in my ears long after the prize giving ceremony ended.
We are proud to belong to a school that is strong;
That’s our our dear good ole’ SDAR;
We are taught to promote with our studies and sports;
That’s our dear good ole’ SDAR.
The joy we have and the sorrow we share, it’s a part of our unity;
Our feeling is strong to the school we belong;
Thats our dear good ole’ SDAR

I was still humming the song all the way back from PICC. Fortunately I was driving alone, or else somebody might whack me on the head for being repetitive. Then there was this road warrior kind of rap that  provide the adrenalin rush to us SDARIAN young and old every time we hear it

Wherever we go;
people want to know;
who we are;
where we come from;
So we tell them, we are the SDARIANS;
mighty-mighty SDARIANS;
rough tough SDARIANS.

I am quite surprised at myself that I still remember those lyricss even after 33 years. That is attachment for you.

2 thoughts on “After 25 years, we did it again. Congratulations SDAR

  1. Can u please put a video bout that song i mean mighty² sdarian i love that song because my dad always sing it and the song give me a strenght also

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