The physics of the Jabulani

Despite the FIFA 2010 Wold Cup has been won by Spain almost three weeks ago, the raging row over the official ball, the Jabulani, continues to burn. Physics and Astronomy Department of The University of Nottingham concluded that the ball could have been better controlled if the players knew a bit of physics. Even though many unknowingly or instinctively used law of physics in using the ball, it would have been better if they understood the aerodynamics of things like Bernoulli’s principle, turbulence, friction, etc. In fact, they are so used to the imperfect stiched up hexagonal leather pieces of the old ball, players tend to overkick, mishead, overthrow, or misdirect the Jabulani.
You can find the the mechanics of the Jabulani in terms of physics in a study done by the Physics and Astronomy department of the Nottingham University at


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