Leave us alone!

For the past few days, the NST ran an exclusive on the street kids of Kuala Lumpur. The expose was about several hundred street children roaming the streets of KL, living in squalid back lanes of Bukit Bintang or Chow Kit. On Friday night, the Social Affairs Minister herself joined the roving reporters to meet these kids trying to see for herself the real situation. To us KLites who frequently ventures to the Pasar Chow Kit, the situation is quite normal so much so that we no longer bother, it has become a part of the Chow Kit landscape. To the Minister this maybe shocking. I tell you they are many other shocking happenings in the seedy and grimy sides of KL that the minister and her high ranking officials should see and try to remedy.
The Honourable Minister, Shahrizat, offer them shelter in the welfare homes but they flatly rejected the offer. “Leave us alone ” was the quick reply by one Mia. “We’ll survive here”. Another added that “This area is like a magnet. Those who have stayed here cannot forget it”.
So what do we do about this kids who survive day to day by offering all sorts of services including their bodies for a few ringgit? This is one area I would have thought the honest to goodness people of the religious groups either from PAS or UMNO should look into rather than spending their valuable time shouting from the rooftop degrading each other and trying to outdo each other in portraying they are more Islamic than the other. We should sit down and thrash out ways and means to solve this issues along with hosts of other social issues currently plaguing the nation, be it Mat Rempits, baby dumping, free sex, loafing, gangsterism, etc. I still cannot believe that some quarters still pressing the government to introduce sex education in schools truly believing that the introduction of such subject would reduce a host of sexually related social ills currently enveloping the youngsters today. Get real man!

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