The height of a family breakdown: When a father sue his own son

I was truly aghast while having dinner last night when the news of a father in Terengganu sued his own son in the syariah court over the maintenance of his grandchildren was aired. It was awful, not so much of the act but the sudden fact that the family’s bond can broke down to such an extent really hit you squarely in the face. And it left me mouth gaping with morsels of the kailan belacan halted between the plate and the mouth. Further reading of the news this morning gave me the impression that the father had really tried to get his son to take responsibility of his children upbringing but to no avail. After seven long years, he had enough. Despite much cajoling from the judge to settle the issue out of court, he was adamant that the trial must go on. He wanted his son to come and appear in court as he has not been able to communicate with his son all these years.
Unfortunately, we do not have the chance to hear the other side of the story. Bereft of an explanation from the son, I think this sort of case bear a lot resemblance to the case of unwilling parents dumping their babies by the dustbins, steps, roadsides or even toilets. It really stinks to high heaven to say the least.


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