Why the ref disallowed Lampard’s goal

Many diehard England fans thought things would be different if the Uruguyan referee had not disallowed the clear goal as the result of Frank Lampard’s lob. The video replay shown quite clearly that ball landed well inside the German’s goal after bouncing off the cross bar. It was definitely a goal. I wonder why the referee did not even bother to check with the line judge. The irony is that England’s FA was one of the opponents to the use of video replay technology and electronic eye to assist the the referee in making a correct decision. Tennis has used it, rugby has used it, American footbal has used it but sadly FIFA still rely on the three pairs of eyes to guard the playing field. With the Jabulani creating all sorts of havoc, especially with fumbling goalkeepers, the reason to use electronic eye is more compelling than ever.
Anyway for those who wanted to know the reason why the goal was disallowed by the referee, pls click on the image attached.


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