The End of the World?

Over the recent school holiday period I managed to steal a couple of days away from work to drive south right to the very end of mainland Asia. Yes folks, the tip of mainland Asia is a part of the great country of ours. I suppose not many of us realised that Tanjung Piai in Johor is The end of Mainland Asia. The place is still work in progress kind of place, but since it is under the Iskandar Malaysia region it received quite a treatment. To reach the place you have to drive to Pontian Kecil, and follow the sign and make a left turn just before Kukup. You’ll have to pass throuh some typical kampongs before you reach the area. As usual the signboards in Malaysia are always confusing and unfortunately the Garmin was not much of a help either as the place is out of its coverage. Once we reached the place it is quite breathtaking. I truly believe Malaysia should promote this place just like England promotes Lands End as the southern tip of the UK. The new facilities in Tanjung Piai is adequate. You have to pay RM3 for parking (I never thought that parking at this remote place could be so expensive) and another RM5 for entrance into the mangrove swamp park. The park had walkaways that take you to the jetty, fishing pier and the End of Asia. Pretty amazing site. I hope they will build a souvenier shop, a restaurant and other tourist facilities to boost the value of the place. It is surely a place worth a visit for everybody. Maybe you can try the Kukup seafood or hop in to the ferry to visit Kukup Island or even Indonesia after visiting Tanjung Piai. There is a seafood restaurant at the Tanjong Piai Resort about 500m from the Park, but the entrance to place is already dilapidated and one get the impression that this place is in dire need of maintenance. I’ll try to upload a few shots from the place later.


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