Is baby hatch a solution?

I have been meaning to write about this for a few days now but due to a few late night sessions and out station travels I was distracted.
The spectre of Sharizat Jalil shedding tears while launching the baby hatch recently still hovering in my inner subconscious. The piece on this issue covered by the Sunday Times today reinforced the urge to share my thoughts with others.
No doubt the whole idea about the Hatch (not the one in Lost though) is very noble. Rather than dumping the infants in the rubbish bins, surau’s doorsteps or even bus stops, why not provide a safe place for the newly borns and proper taken care of so that they can have a better future rather than being at the mercy of rats, dogs or ants.
But I am of the opinion that the whole thing about the hatch is a reflection of our failure and hopelessness in stemming the rising tide of a social illness. I believe in most of the cases of the abandoned babies were the result of unplanned pregnancies outside wedlock. Providing the hatch is a sign that we surrender to the yellow tide of social illness called illicit sex. Much like we provide free needles and metadone to the drugs addicts to stem HIV, I won’t be surprised if one day we would be providing free condoms to our teenagers as well. Despite the huge amount time and money as well resources spent to curb the menace. We failed miserably. Something is very wrong somewhere.
What I found more astounding is a sad fact that most of the cases invariably involved Muslim couples. Most of them had gone through the education system that comprised Islamic Religiuous knowledge as a compulsory subject. Most of them knew that zina is a great sin. Unfortunately this country of ours is a country of great irony and contrasts. On one hand we reminded our youngsters that illicit sex is a sin. Sex between unmarried couple is a huge sin punishable by strokes of the rotan or even stoning to death. But on the other hand we lauded news of film stars with children out of wedlock. We glamorized them. We even condone leaders with tainted extra marital records. We glorify them. It was a private matter we said. But in Islam promoting good deeds and preventing sins being committed is everybody’s responsibility.
I am still baffled by the fact that despite huge effort, money and resources we are still losing the battle. Are we serious about fighting this menace? Why don’t we form some sort national task force to handle the issue? If we can form a special task force to improve our service delivery, we quickly formed a special committee to investigate the shooting of a teenager, we swiftly formed a commission to investigate a detainee forced to do ketok ketampi in the nude, why can’t we gather our best brains to tackle this profound issue? Is it not that important? Are we willing to wait until we became like this local council in Liverpool where 98% percent of the populations are families with single mothers and children with undeterminable fathers (or to be downright brash, a community of bastards). As it is, unconfirmed report already stated that they are about 2 million people in this country born out of wedlock. Good heavens! Is this not a disaster of national proportion worth a national level action?
Providing the hatch may save unwanted babies from being carelessly abandoned, but it is a symptomatic cure. We are still nowhere near solving the root cause of the problem – free sex, especially among youngsters. We are slowly becoming immune to the fact that sex before marriage is wrong. We are being tolerant but unfortunately tolerant in the wrong direction.


3 thoughts on “Is baby hatch a solution?

  1. Ass’alamualaikum w.b.t can i have your biodata please. i have assg about this. it will take 20% in my final exam please(your background)

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