Chronicle of a Stranded traveller: London to Paris

On Tuesday 20th, immediately after breakfast and lugging those luggage to our rooms we quickly drove to the MAS office. It looks like a new building as compared to other offices in the area, next to it is a yet to be opened Metro bank. The guy at the counter did not seemed to be all that sympathetic or interested in our plight. He simply asked us to write our names and pointed at the rows of sofa for us to wait. There was this Australian couple who told us that they come to this place almost every day and still had no luck. After about ten minutes we were told to go to the first floor where a lady officer patiently listened to our story. Her answer – same, she cannot guarantee anything unless the airport is open. She can book us on the Friday flight if the airport is open on Thursday. Anyway she was kind enough to tell us that we were on confirmed flight from Rome but strangely she did not know anything about the rescue flight from Rome. I had this queasy feeling that with so much uncertainties, we may end up in Rome with no flight. We double checked with our agent in KL and he confirmed that we were on the Rome flight. We declined the lady’s offer to book us on Friday’s flight from Heathrow as she could not guarantee that Heathrow would be opened by Friday. At least Rome is always open – that’s a piece of precious news now – a certainty.
We decided to take the simplest route to Paris – The Eurostar chunnel train. We got lucky, some seats were available on the 5.25am train from London St. Pancras/Kings Cross, reaching Paris around 8.20am. We had to take that train as the coach that supposed to take us to Rome will leave Paris at 10.30. As we did not know exactly where is the rendezvous place in Paris so we need to allow a bit of time allowance for us to search for the rendezvous.
To while the time we did a bit of sight seeing in London. Not much you can do within a few hours. The best bet would be the London Tour bus and that alone took about 2 1/2 hours but we decided to get down in Piccadily Circus walked to Trafalgar Square and turned back to Park Lane via Oxford street. Ah…Oxford Street…ever teeming with people dragging various shades and sizes of shopping bags. With rapidly diminishing wallet and expanding credit card lines, I can only just afford a few fridge magnets and cheap t-shirts from Primark. I am astounded to find a new dinosur park in Oxford street, of all the places.
I must be damn tired that i fell asleep while packing, I just hope that I can wake up at the agreed time the next morning – 3.30am.

Unloading the luggage at the hotel in London


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