Chronicle of a stranded traveller: Dublin to London Part II

Many people asked me on how bad was the jerebu in Europe due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland that caused a massive closure of the majority of European airspace. I am not sure about other parts of Europe, but as far my experience in Dublin, UK, France and Italy was concerned – there was hardly any jerebu at all. The sky was crystal clear in those countries and it was typical or early summer – sunny, warm, and dry (by European standard anyway).
The Stena Line ferry is actually a 9-storey cruise ship with five storeys for cargo and transport, three storeys for restaurants/entertainment/lounge areas and one storey for sleeping cabin. Typical of a cruise ship, the ferry had all the amenities for family travel with restaurants,bars,entertainments and even a cinema. We left Dublin Port at 9.25pm and since we did not book any sleeping berth we had to make do with lounging around the restaurant. The place was packed with people trying to escape Dublin or travelling back to the UK. We were not allowed to stay in the car.
The journey was smooth, hardly any rolling. the sea was calm. At least I did not have to steady myself whenever I walk along the aisles of the decks. Imagine trying to do the rukuk in a rolling ship – I tried that in the ole’ Feri Malaysia back in the early eighties and ended up almost toppling over. You can try the experience by praying on a thick spring mattress. Anyway sorry for the digression. By midnight we docked safely in Holyhead, a port town in Anglesey, Wales. it was dark and fortunately the Garmin Nuvi kept us going the in right direction of London without having to do many “recalculating”. When you see the signs that say something like Llandfey-yger-tawr or Llandeilo or Aberryswith (boy i definitely did not get those right but you know what I mean) or anything similar you know that you are in land of the choir singing people of Wales. The country surely brought back memories of the late seventies when as a bleary-eyed 17-year plus kampong boy, I was transported to this land. I still remember one of the shopkeeper being overly eager to be friendly told me that he knew Malaysia very well. It was somewhere in the middle of Africa!!. But Wales went past in a flash, soon we were already passing through the countryside roads of Shropshire and on to the M6 to London. Of course we cannot see much, it was three o’clock in the morning. I must have dozed off after that since the next thing I knew we were already approaching London and the box that was lodged on top of the luggage next to me slid and almost hitting the good Datin on the seat in front. Alhamdulillah, we reached the our next abode in Park Lane by 7.15am. Thank you Tengku Rahim. You are such a wonderful driver.

The Stena Line welcoming pillar post


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