We love them yobbos, do we?

My old Physics professor, Eamon Andrew told us never to trust anything that we read in the newspaper. "Only the date is right", he said. "Even that sometimes they get it wrong", he further added. On Saturday, I tried not to believe what I read in the Star. It ran a syndicated article extracted from the Guardian, UK. If your remember, late last year (or was it early this year), there was this guy who wrote in his biography describing the British PM, Gordon Brown as a volatile, short fuse man, frequently losing his temper at his staffs and party comrades. At that time, the Labour Party is really losing badly in the opinion polls trailing the Tories almost by 30 points. Coupled with the stories of Brown’s temper, the Labour was really at their wits end to shore up their diminishing support. But amazingly, recently, reports emerged that the British public really lapping up the story. They love the no nonsense, "on your face", scruff of the neck approach taken by their Prime Minister. In fact the spin doctors are already busy scheming, maximising and positively turning the yobbo nature of Gordon Brown into Labour Party campaign posters. If we believe what the Guardian is reporting, they are literally going to capitalise on Mr Brown’s gruffiness, angry, and fierce way of dragging the British economy out of recession, by literally potraying him as a yobbo taking on the

softer but slicker Cameron (the Tory head). But what I found it hard to believe is that, the genteel gentlemen British public is actually fond of yobboish and ruffian ways. Has the the football terrace culture overtake the British public? Amazing. Sadly judging by the way our parliamentarians behave in the Dewan Rakyat for the past year, the culture is slowly creeping into our country as well.


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