Nostalgic songs

A good ole friend sent a me an email recently attaching a wonderful site full of songs from the late eighties and early nineties. Very nostalgic.
I can still visualise the video of Bob Geldof leading the Boomtown Rats belting out I Don’t Like Mondays while ripping off the photo of Debbie Harry, the Blondie lead singer. The Rats just elbowed out Blondie into the top of Top of the Pops which was the most popular British charts on TV from the sixties to the early 2000s. Unfortunately that was the only memorable hit from the Rats. Today Bob Geldof already knighted and I remember he spoke at the Commonwealth Youth Forum in KL last year. How could I forget Queen’s black and white video of Crazy Little Thing Called Love, with Freddie Mercury hitching a ride on a superbike – complete with full leather outfits. Then, it was not a public knowledge yet that he was gay. He looked real macho, much like Rock Hudson and the Village People (no wonder, they were of the same ilk). Whatever it is Queen would always be my favourite band. Not so much due to Freddie, but the whole band produced a sound so eclectic, melodic yet very rocking and modern. I can always tell it was Brian May’s riff every time I heard that distinctive mantel piece guitar sound. Mind you, all of them can sing and all of them are graduates – well apart from Freddie of course. After all he was the Queen bee.
Recently the song Physical by Olivia Newton John, of the same era, was voted as the most sexy song full of sexual innuendos. Horizontal and vertical. Whatever that means. But at that time we never thought of it that way. It was just a great song. Full stop. ONJ had a few other songs in the charts in that period. Xanadu, Suddenly (with Cliff Richard), You’re the One that I Want (with Travolta) were some of them.
British charts had a fair share of some quirky songs that made it to the charts in that era. Joe Dolce is one with Shut up your Face. I still cannot believe that song made it to the top. One Christmas season had a song entitled One Day at a Time at the top, a real soppy Christian song. I cannot remember who sang that song. A lady not unlike this Susan Boyle. Chas and Dave with their heavily cokneyed song about Tottenham Hotspurs also made it to the charts. There was also this song by a group called Haircut One Hundred! I cannot think of a more weird name for a group. Of course most of the songs were soon forgotten. A few turned out to be classics like MJ’s Billy Jean, Thriller, and Beat It; Prince’s 1999; Bowie’s Lets Dance; Floyd’s The Wall; Human League’s Don’t You Want Me, to name a few. Being an uncertified rocker (except for the shoulder length wavy hair) at the time, naturally I had a propensity for things like Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again; Rainbow’s I Surrender; Status Quo’s Rocking all Over the World; Black Sabbath’s Paranoid; Gillan’s MAD; or ACDC’s If You Love Rock n Roll We Salute You; or even Peter Gabriel’s, Joan Jett’s; Suzy Quattro’s; and Iron Maiden’s. But somehow I never dig Jetro Thull, Ted Nugent’s or even Marillion’s.
Thanks Banard for handing me the rusty key to my long lost and forgotten music attic. How I wish I had not given away those vinyls and the Bang and Olufson set (with Whaferdale speakers) to the Indonesian house renovators. So if you find MJ, Queen, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Ronnie James Dio, Human League, or even Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Ennio Marricone, War, and Janis Ian vinyls selling at the AmCorp Mall flea market. They were probably were once a part of my rather mix bag of musical collection. I should have kept them for posterity.


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