Oh no not another one…

Here we go again, another media frenzy over another child battered, bruised and murdered. Yeah, I call it murder. There are a few things that we obviously as a civilised society have not learned from our past history. Safiya’s sufferings according to the report we long running. Why did not the related parties act then, why did not the mother do something, did the neighbours not notice anything? The grandfather reportedly said that he noticed Safiya was so scared of this man that she would hide in the bush whenever the accused comes around and the man has been living with her mother for past six years! The grandfather also noticed some cigarette burn marks on his grand daughter’s feet. Aren’t all these are signs of something was wrong. Worse still, the grandpa did not try to persuade his daughter not to live with another man out of wedlock? JAIS? Anybody remember JAIS, Hello are you there?. Don’t tell me you are only interested in celebrities khalwat, lecture sans permit, and murtad cases only. Surely the neighbour would have noticed something was amiss. After all they were nosey enough to know that the woman’s husband is in jail since 2006. The whole episode reeks of the acrid smell of a broken family and rotten society and a social system hurtling towards self destruction. All of us are responsible for this. It is easy for me to accuse the mother, the grandparents, the friends, the neighbours, and the friends who were at the football field that fateful evening. Devoid of actual facts, it is surely not fair for me to comment, but I cannot help it.The innocent image of Safiya kept flashing through my mind. And I can’t help thinking, why didn’t we do something earlier. Without actually tackling the root cause of the problem, it is a futile exercise. After a few days, another news event, another disaster, another scandal, Safiya’s fate would be forgotten. We move on ignorantly. This is not my problem. May Allah help us. I got this feeling of helplessness to tackle the problem. It is like trying to push back the on rushing tide. We built a wall, it will soon quickly flow over it. A meek cry for help is all I can utter. Awfully pathetic really.


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