So you want to be a speaker in a forum.

I was asked by an old acquaintance to participate in a forum that has this grandiose title “Integrating ICT in Education”. And I said, heck, why not. After all it is only for 10 minutes or so and probably I could get away with mumbling on something about computers, computers, computers, teachers, coursewares, etc. As the weeks went by, I discovered that they are going to record the event, about 200 people would watch the forum and they are going to load it up to the webTV for the world to see. Then, the butterflies in the tummy start to flutter. Then they brought in this TV2 newsreader as the compere and I thought to myself what am I getting myself into. To cap it all, the boss told me that she is coming to watch. You know you this ‘alamak’ moment, but then again that sort of thing spurred to me to prepare more diligently. Later, after the discussion with the compere, I found myself practicing while driving home and almost hitting the toll gate bar at the SMART tunnel south entrance. I was so engross in practicing my lines I almost did not see the toll gate and I had to slammed on the brakes that brought the car to a screeching halt, tumbling everything to the floor. Well, it is not that often you get the chance to test the ABS. So the car has got out of its merajuk mode (see my earlier posting on this). Strangely the toll gate keeper was smiling. She probably seen this mad behaviour countless of times. I can almost hear her thinking, “this old man is so eager to go home he did not even see the toll gate coming, silly old bugger”. Fortunately I managed to reach home in one piece. Of course there was no more practice while you drive sessions after that. The evening crawl in northbound Jalan Tun Razak put the stop to that.
Yesterday was the day, by 2.00pm we were all dolled up and the boss came to say hello and we had a final dry run. After all these years, event like this still give the nerves. I have done it before, a few times in fact, but still the butterflies would not stop fluttering. I was calming myself down by telling myself, I am not supposed to be afraid of the event more than I am afraid of Allah. That really brought me back to terra firma so to speak. One good ustaz told me once, whatever it is, you should not be scared of mere mortals more than you fear Allah because that could lead to syirik. Meaning, you cannot be putting something as a more powerful force than Allah. So the event started circa 2.45pm and went smoothly till almost 4pm. The five of us bantering on Integration of ICT in Education. I reckon you guys can see it on in a few days time. Maybe I would share with you the gist of the discussions in the next posting. Adrian was a great compere that liven up the sombre topic. Unfortunately we cannot afford to hire him for our Bersama KPM as his rate is definitely beyond the current government’s rate. So Adrian, what about Berkhidmatlah untuk Negara!


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