JPJ boss shocked at the behaviour of Malaysian drivers!

The Star and other major newspapers reported today that the RTD chief was shocked at the behaviour of Malaysian drivers.
Where has he been all these years? If I am not mistaken, before being appointed the RTD director, he was the RTD enforcement chief, and do not tell me he never saw these lawless behaviour before? It happens all the time and we are wondering how come no action were taken. The NST a couple of years ago ran a series of photos of drivers misbehaving on the road. I wonder whether action were taken on those drivers. I believe one of the reason why these people continue to flout the law because they got away with it everytime they do it. I see these lawlessness happening all the time. When driving back from Malacca a few weeks back, while most of the drivers would patiently follow the crowd, moving along slowly bumper to bumper, a few errant drivers started to use the left emergency lane zooming past us. After some time, more and more vehicles joined them and they got away with it. Of course we were irritated. But it happen so often we just do not bother to complain any more. Just like those red and yellow kapcais of the fast food delivery companies breaking the red lights – it occur so frequently we never bother anymore. Of course it is bad.Us and them. Us for turning a blind eye, them for breaking the law. And now the RTD chief came out and say he was shocked. One wonder if all these years if he ever drives on Malaysian roads. Come on man, action time…


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