Between “izin’ and ‘redha’

Normally I would refrain from writing on sensitive issues but an article written by Dr. MAZA over the weekend really caught my attention. He was explaining the confusion that often happens between two common Malay words of Arabic origins, ” izin” and ” redha” (which later morphed into “rela”). Izin basically means permit, allow, agree or consent, while “redha” may also means consent, agree or permit. But it has another layer, a more spiritual meaning that when one “redha” means one wholeheartedly agree to the decision to what Allah has decided upon. You may izin but not necessarily the izin come with redha. But if you redha, you will provide the izin. A wife may give the izin for the husband to get another wife but not necessarily she redha. The izin maybe to prevent the husband from committing maksiat or to ensure she may not lose her husband entirely to the other woman. A father may give izin for his son to use the bike due to the incessant niggling requests from the son, and he could not stand it any more, but it does not mean he is redha. A rape victim may appear to give in to sexual advances of her predator, but the izin may be to prevent further physical harm, or as a shock reaction, but definitely she is not redha to what is happening. What the good Dr. MAZA was alluding to is under the current use of the word Allah controversy. Muslim who izin the non Muslim to use the word Allah definitely not necessarily they redha to the faith of the non muslims. He pointed out that, both Muslim and non Muslims should understand this concept to prevent further misunderstandings. To the Muslims, please do not accuse fellow Muslims who agree to the non Muslims to use the term Allah as agreeing or consenting to the faith of the non Muslims and accusing them of being kufur. Again giving izin not necessarily you are accepting and consenting the faith. To the non Muslims, when Muslims give izin to use the word not necessarily a licence for them to do anything they like. It is a sign that Islam respects but not necessarily agrees to other faiths. Just like a good debate, you respect the arguments of the opposition but not necessarily you agree to them. Under the Malaysian consti, it is still an offence to preach other religions to the Muslims in the country. The Muslim Government leaders may allow people of other faiths to built their house of worships but that does not mean they accept their faiths. You’ll be surprised to know that the biggest reclining Buddha statue in the country is in….Kelantan, yes Kelantan, the state government which has been under the Islamic PAS for more than 10 years.
Ummph…the whole thing reminds me of the term often use in the civil service – “paksa rela” and there was this novel in the 70’s by Marwilis (I think) called “Izin dalam Paksa” – ahh well , that is another story. Should we get our RELA to be more active in exposing the Pendatang Tanpa Izin or are we redha of their presence here?

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