Avatar oh Avatar!!

Can Avatar keep me awake?

I am quite an ardent movie buffs. Not the fanatic, but I do make an effort to go to the cinema every now and then. We make it as a part of the family outing. So it was quite a mystery that I have not seen Avatar. Not until yesterday anyway. The kids have been urging me to take them to see it since last year, even my daughter who is away on her studies has been urging me to watch it in her remark on my Facebook Wall. Somehow, I am still not quite convinced that it is an interesting movie. You see, lately, I had this rather annoying tendency of falling asleep in the midst of the movie screening. A very annoying habit indeed. I normally end up not quite knowing what the movie is all about. I felt asleep during Harry Potter 5, Sherlock Homes, Bourne Ultimatum, even the much vaunted Transformer 2 failed to keep me awake.
My children just could not wait for me anymore, they all went to see Avatar on their own. And they all gave glowing remarks about the movie. So, when it won a few awards recently, I was thinking, am I missing something? So last night, I took the wifey to see it. Boy, what a movie. No wonder, The Sunday Times today ran an article regarding the Avatar after effects around the world. Amazingly many people found the real world so depressing after being immersed in the beautiful make believe Pandora world. For the uninitiated, Pandora is the name of the planet where the earthling came to destroy. It was so beautiful, complete with hanging mountains, thick forest, floating waterfalls, shiny black panthers, lighted floors ( remind me of the disco dance floors that light up every time you step on it). No wonder, the director said only 40% of the movie was shot on location. The rest were done in computers. It took Mr Cameron six years to wait for a proper technology to bring his imagination into the screen. The wifey was so enamoured with it she wanted to see it again. This time in 3D. Well, with Mata Satu 3D would not be much good to me. Is the movie that good? Well, I was awake right till the end!!! I recommend the movie to everybody. I wonder why it was rated PG13.
I did not doze off during the movie.


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