RapidKL revisited and my dear Serena

A few days ago I had the chance to be acquainted with a long lost friend, albeit it has changed its name. Well, what was fomerly Putra line is now part of the public transport behemoth called RapidKL. Of course I am talking about KL public transport system. Prior to 2002, I was one of those who commuted daily to and from office using public transport system. I would walked 2km to the Wangsa Maju LRT station, took the LRT Putra line to Bangsar Station. Then I would take the feeder bus to Pusat bandar damansara and walked another 1km to the office. The journey itself was quite fast but the waiting for the feeder bus was horrendously irregular. If I was lucky, I could get the bus immediately after I exited the LRT station. But that was the exception though, the rule was, you have to wait for at least half an hour. Looking back, I wonder how I survived those years of starting from home at 6.30am and arriving back home at 9.00pm. But then, now I drive to office, I still start around 7am and come back around 8pm. Despite the period out of home is almost the same, but I do not spend so much time traveling and waiting. Come to think of it I quite enjoyed the LRT ride as i got the chance to observe all sorts of characters in the train. If I am a sociologist, I probably would have chronicled all those observations. It can be a real eye opener for those who never take any train ride in KL.
BTW, since the Serena heard that we were considering trading her off, she has started to throw tantrums. See my earlier blog on this issue. A few days ago I saw some reddish brown oil dripping from its under belly and it refuses to start if you restart the engine when it is still hot. I took her back to Tan Chong in PJ and I had to leave her at the workshop for the mechanics to have a thorough look at her (more money folks…)Bereft of the four wheels transport, I decided to take the public transport back home. The Putra feeder bus is called RapidKL now and it refused to accept my touch n Go despite the contraption is there near the ticket machine – well that part has not changed! The bus is still creaky and floor sounds like it would fall off anytime soon. The rest of the journey to Asia Jaya station was pretty smooth.
I noticed that RapidKL has installed new auto ticket machines at the Asia Jaya Station. After eight years, some things have changed along the tracks, many new buildings have come up and the KL Sentral looks a lot more vibrant than before, they even have a four-coach train now, wow…weee..Somehow the Seri Rampai station is still under construction and the fellas selling/touting blue films (do not confuse that with Blu-ray) and pirated Cds at the Wangsa Maju entrance have gone. I was pleasantly surprised, the feeder bus to my home was already waiting and miraculously the Touch n Go detector was working. The whole journey from Tan Chong, Section 17, PJ to Wangsa Melawati took about one hour! But mind you, the journey made was just before the rush hour.
And my dear Serena.. do not fret now, we are not selling you just yet, I had to fork out another RM785 for your air mixture autoflow sensor and probably another few bobs to drain the automatic transmission oil from your radiator (what the hell the oil is doing in there, I wonder). This is on top of the RM560 new radiator that you had last month and another RM400 to service you… so pls behave yourself or else we would be forced to …


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