Embarassing moments with a handphone.

We have heard a lot of stories about the boon or the bane of handphones. An old friend related this story about what happened in a male toilet. As he was about to sit down…Here is the conversation

Voice in next cubicle: “Hello, how are you? Hello, are u there, please say something…”
My friend who normally never talks to a stranger was intrigued and quickly answered.
Friend:”Yeah, I am here”
Voice: “How was your morning?”
Friend: “OK, so so I guess”
Voice:”Can I see u lunch today?”
Friend:”Of course, kalau you belanja…”
Voice: “Hang on a minute darling, I have to get out of here, there is this guy next door who keep answering my questions to you”

Moral of the story, never talks when you’re in the toilet!


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