Now what to do on Saturday morning?

For the past three months, every saturday morning till past noon, I was at the office with the adrenaline squishing around waiting for the Bersama KPM to go live on air in RTM TV1. The fear that something would go wrong was always there until 11:30am when we transferred back the control to RTM. The only blip was on the 19 Dec 2009 when we lost RTM for almost forty minutes and we had to simply record the show sans phone in. It was not our fault anyway. A few minor hiccups, a two or three seconds black out happened twice much to the consternation of my perfectionist producers. All in all the team did extremely well culminating in the live broadcast of the Deputy Prime Minister’s New Year Speech at the PICC last Thursday. They are so professional, I could not asked for more. Of there were rooms for improvement but then nobody’s perfect, given the kind of equipment that we have, what more could I asked. So this morning, Saturday, I was restlessly boring not really knowing what to do. Sent the son to work, do a bit marketing, vacuum the lounge, surf the news portals, yada..yada.. still I am bored. How I wish we have the funds to continue with the KPM’s hour.


One thought on “Now what to do on Saturday morning?

  1. The key words are nobody’s perfect… so we must realise that we just can do/control many things but we cannot do/control all the things.

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