Does the car knows that?

My daughter was accepted by UiTM main campus in Shah Alam. For the past 3 semesters she was in Lendu’s campus in Malacca.The only drawback is that, unlike Lendu, Shah Alam campus does not provide accomodation. We have to find suitable abode for her on our own. So yesterday we travelled to Shah Alam searching for accomodation. Her good friend apparently had an auntie who offered her flat for them to stay. Unfortunately the flat is in Batu Tiga, a good 10km away from the campus. We decided to find another accomodation after her registration tomorrow. For the time being she will commute from home. The wifey broached the idea of trading in the Serena for smaller cars for my daughters so that she can commute to her college. I was more keen for her to take the public transport. I believe children these days should face some form of hardships to inject some steel into their life.
But that is beside the point. A friend of mine told me, if you ever want to sell off or trade in your car you must do it quietly or the car would give you a lot of trouble as if it knows that it is no longer wanted. I laughed off the idea which I thought borders on ridiculousness and illogical. This morning, as I was ascending the Pesiaran Bukit Kiara hill on the way to the office, the Serena suddenly stalled with smokes billowing from the engine compartment. I can hear some sizzling sound coming out as if it is frying steaks and I can smell something burning. I quickly killed off the engine, pressed the emergency lights button, and pulled aside. I was only about 50m from the office gate. I called the AAM people and after half an hour lifted the bonnet. I can see the reason. The radiator tophead had a-6cm fracture and the pressurised water and coolant was squeezed out of the fracture and splattered all over the engine compartment. Oh no, this could mean another major opex outlay, I thought to myself. Why now, when I am desperately scrambling for funds to finance my children early term education. All three of them came up to more than 2K requirement to be met. Anyway, I can only hope and pray that, the blow out did not harm the engine parts. The good people of the AAM said cracked radiator tophead is quite common these days. I do not believe him. I regularly service the car, they should have detected that earlier.Anyway the temperature never gone beyond the halfway mark. So I never thought anything was amiss. I had to replace the radiator, plus the coolant, plus the gear oil and so forth. Another big hole was burned in my pocket, or shall I say, another line was added to my already unbearably long credit card debit statements line. So coimg back to what my friend told me in a jest a few months ago and in the light of my discussion with the wifey regrading trading in the Serena – does the car knows?


One thought on “Does the car knows that?

  1. Yes, I believe it does. I had the same experience many times. Especially if you have been with the car for so many years (provided that you keep up with the scheduled service).

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