OK I was wrong…

It was one of those night when Liverpool should have thrashed teams like Wolves at least 3-0, but under its current form, winning 2-0 is quite and achievement. Compunding the not so happy night was the fact that Forest only managed a scoreless draw with Reading. With that scoreline how on earth are they going to return to the premiership, where they should rightly be. It really pains me to see teams like Wigan and Hull survive in the premiership but Forest is struggling to keep up in the play off zone of the Championship. But I am positive the day will come, just like the Swansea manager said, we are quite confident.At least we don’t suffer the fate of Leeds.
I have not seen a rugby match for quite a while now, but yesterday on Astro Supersport I managed to catch a thrilling match between Wales and Ireland at the Millennium in Cardiff for the 6-nation cup. I have never seen such an exciting and nail biting finish in rugby for a long-long time. It was so enthralling it even got the wifey shouting. Mind you that alone gave an indication of how exciting was the match, she did not even know who were playing, for all she knew the green team was having all the possessions but the but the red team was strong. In the end Ireland managed to down Wales 17-15. A heart breaking last minute drop kick did the trick for Ireland. The kick was enough to land Ireland their first Grand Slam in 31 years? Unbelievable. I almost missed my maghrib at the surau due to that match – iblis betul!!!
Finally I must admit that I was pleasantly wrong about the Malaysian team at the recent sea Games. The boys did well in the final, despite the fact that they won on an own goal, but they did well to absorb the Vietnamese pressure. The poor control and finishing by the Vietnamese did help though. They had numerous chances but their finishing were just like the Malaysian counterparts on their normal days. Just like any other Malaysians we just hope that it was no flash in the pan victory. We must keep the momentum going. But, the pessimist in me keep saying this is just a one off kind of thing. Ok boys, proof me wrong again.


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