When Mr Murphy came a calling

Last Saturday as usual the Bersama KPM was scheduled to be on air at 11.05am. I was a bit late, the guest was already discussing with the compere on the issues to be discussed. Somehow I sensed things would go wrong. The compere did not much of a help in the introduction by babbling incessantly on the intro. Fortunately we managed to correct him at rehearsal. As if on cue, things started to fall apart, two minutes before we were suppose to go on air, RTM Tv1’s screen went blank. A quick phone call to RTM confirmed the worst, a breakdown at RTM. There was a bit of confusion on the next course of action. Since everything was already in place, we decided to continue the show off air. Despite some stuttering starts, the compere managed to steer the show till the end. All along the boss was quite upset. Sometime I wonder why things always go wrong when the boss is around and Mr Murphy also decided to turn up. You know what I mean, the good ole’ Murphy’s Law. To make matters worse, due to some technicalities we cannot use the tape for delayed telecast. It had to be destroyed.
Despite all the setback, I learnt a good lesson. You had to ensure you had a written Standard Operating Procedures for cases like this.


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