Malaysia in football final!!

Judging by the brouhaha over Malaysia’s passage into the final of the SEA games football competition, one get the impression that we have won the ticket to the World cup finals! To me it really indicates the sorry state of the Malaysian football. We talked about it for days on end as if we have won the tournament. MHI, SPM and the radios all talked about it. Hello, we just got into the finals and we’ll be meeting Vietnam which trounced us 3-1 at the group stage. We have not won anything yet. Mind you, we routinely beat Vietnam in the yonder years , but now we were praising joyous praise after beating Laos 3-1, a team which we thrashed more than five goals uncountable times many years ago. I won’t be a wee bit surprised that in a few years time we would be happy to lose 0-1 to Timor Leste. Boy, we must not begin to think that we have crawled out of the rut. The false dawn has happened many times before and the praise would quickly turned to poison – from the same pen. Judging by the way the boys played against Laos and the way they acted when the chips were down against Vietnam, I am quite doubtful of their skills and tenacity to avenge their defeat against Vietnam tonight. I would love to be proven wrong, but experience tells me otherwise.


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