Back to nature for the Aidiladha

Friday was Eiduladha day. We went back to the village immediately after the prayer. I have not been back for almost half a year and as for the family, they have not been back almost a year. The fruit season is here. For kampung folk like me, it is normal but for my KL born and bred kids, it is an adventure. Unfortunately since I am working on Saturday, we had to come back to KL that very night – with a vanful of fruits. Allah bless my forefathers for their foresight in setting up the family orchard. It is not that vast but enough for the entire Kulop Lamat and Jaludin Clan to feast. A pity that most of the durian trees have wilted and died of old age. T

Alahai, besar tu je...
hey said durian would start to wean as soon as the owner passed away. My mum died almost 15 years ago and my dad three years ago and it looks like the durian trees are following their footsteps.
Faiz with his bucket - remind me of the Penans with their backpacks!

What a time for a puncture!

The old house that still inhabited by my sister and her children

The squirrel got to this one first.


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