Attend a course and get a pair of Prada shoes

I want to share my experience of attending a course last week. Many of you probably by now have heard of the ESQ course. I am not here to advertise the course, but just wanted to share with you my experience of attending the ESQ course over the weekend. I was told about the uniqueness, boldness and quirkiness of the course by my colleagues who have attended the course before. I was skeptical and a bit apprehensive. After all I have attended numerous HR courses and most of them are more of the same.
But the ESQ is definitely different. Content wise it was just like any other motivational or HR course. The difference is, the ESQ people give it the Islamic slant to the hilt and the audio visual effect is awesome. Awesome it is indeed. It was like attending a concert with the speakers from both sides of the stage blasting in full throttle. ESQ managed to slant all common leadership values and qualities in proper Islamic perspectives. I have seen many companies tried to do the same thing but not quite as successful of as the ESQ. More than 70,000 people worldwide have become alumni of the ESQ is a testament to its success. many of them are well known people. Even the Mufti of Perak is one of the alumni. The training is laced with some dramatic and emotional spurts as well as some interesting games, video shows and performances. The course is so popular that many big companies and dignitaries also attended the course.
In one of the events, we had to polish the shoes of the person sitting next to us. It was so happen that a friend of mine was sitting next to a deputy minister (DM). So he had the chance to polish the DM’s Prada. This friend of mine was just a wearing a plain pair of cheapo sandals. So this poor DM had to polish the sandals! Afterwards, the facilitator came around and asked this friend of mine how did he feel having his shoes polished by a DM. The poor sod was thoroughly embarrassed. The DM later graciously exchanged his Prada for the cheap sandals! What a way to earn a pair of Prada.
So if you want to get a pair of expensive shoes and get the chance to “salam semut” with some big shots, try to attend this ESQ course. Mind you it is not cheap.


2 thoughts on “Attend a course and get a pair of Prada shoes

  1. OK, I forgot to explain what the acro ESQ stands for. I assume u people knew it already. After all ESQ was the buzz in the early 2000’s. A study done by one Harvard scholar indicated that 80-90% leaders success were due to emotional and spiritual strength. The intellectual portion is only 10%. The ministry of education had recognized this many years ago and it was encapsulated in the KBSR and KBSM philosophy – pembangunan JERI insan. J-jasmani, e- emosi, R – rohani and I – intelek. Unfortunately we were lost in the translation. The Emosi and Rohani component got neglected. BTW, ESQ stands for Emotional and Spiritual Quotient.

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