I took the opportunity to append this piece by TV Smith Dua Sen.

by TV Smith

The government’s latest austerity drive to replace the cars of senior government servants with a Mercedes or BMW has resulted in an unexpected backlash.

Sugar daughters, mistresses and trophy wives are now revolting against the idea of driving a local or Japanese car. They reasoned that if any high-ranking public servant including under-performing ones are entitled to a new German marque courtesy of taxpayers, they surely deserve better.

As expected, their previously-so-sweet sugar daddies reacted sourly. A statement from their association, Sugardaddy Society And Help (SuSAH), encourage members to date less-demanding artificial models instead.

I spoke to two such models (pictured above) seen shopping at the Masjid India area. They confirmed they are happy to window shop at budget bazaars instead of splurging on branded stuff at upmarket malls. Besides, they appear more aware of health issues.

In response, affected sugar daughters formed a protest group named Sugar Daughters Against Humiliation (SuDAH). The acronym was earlier wrongly quoted by the media as Sugar Daughters Against Honda or Hyundai. As a show of support for SuDAH, a group of ex-models and starlets staged a noisy protest in front of an artificial modeling agency yesterday.


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