Whatever happened to the spirit of musyawarah?

I am quite aghast by the current spat between Dr Maza and JAIS and the Syariah Lawyers Association (PGSM) (even JIM is in it as well), not unlike the public spat between Ong Tee Keat and his CC members. I am quite surprised by the reaction from Dr.Maza. If he did not reveal the memo to the H M Agong in his blog and commented on it in the local media, most of us would not have known about it. This, followed by his “terrorist like” arrest in the Dataran Ukay’s home gave the impression that there is more to this than meets the eye. The normally level headed Dr Maza seemed to be a bit over the top these days in his comments about his detractors. With all the media conferences, claims of legal actions, seeking public apologies, etc are really unlike him. Even with the intervention of the good old Retired Brig Gen Minister and JAKIM’s boss did not quite bring down the temperature. I think he got really riled up when people accused him of faking his double major degree for a Jordanian University. He came out with the certificate. It looked quite real to me. A lot of universities especially in the Western countries designed their scroll in a very simple manner. Probably our primary school leaving certs are more elaborate. After all, to them there is no need for the security seal or even serial number as nobody in the right frame of mind would fake a degree scroll. In this sense they are very honest. To fake a degree scroll is an unthinkable feat. So there is no need for the extra security features. Surely one can run a check with the Jordanian University to verify. If the group that is bent on stopping Dr. Maza really honest in their endeavour, they should have done just that. I suspect there is something simmering underneath the surface that us public do not quite see and know. OR is it I am too blind and deaf to see and hear? Whatever it is, it is very disconcerting to see Islamic scholars slinging mud at each other in broad daylights. Whatever happen to the spirit of musyawarah, dialogue and engagement that they usually espoused? Please leave that to the politicians. I found it very shameful and I do not think it is due to so much because of Dr Maza preaches without a licence in Selangor or him being offered to lead YADIM. Back in 2007, there was this ustaz from the alternative party slamming the BN government for being very sticky about the rule governing the tauliah to preach. But it is very ironic now that they are in power in Selangor and they are using the same archaic law to arrest Dr.Maza. That really goes to show how politicians would do anything to cling to power, even to the point of exploiting religion. Sigh…I thought they care about the image of Islam.


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