Raya 1Wangsa Melawati

I am rightfully feeling very blessed indeed living in a housing estate that has long embraced the 1Malaysia spirit. We first moved into this neighbourhood back in 1993. My neighbour on the right was an Indian family and on my left was a Chinese family. Being the first few to move into the area we got acquainted to each other automatically. We quickly set up our neighbourhood watch team after a spate of car and house break-ins. We had a few positive push factors, One we have an army major (now a Lt colonel) who is so keen and so energetic in galvanising the neighbourhood team spirit. He is the prime mover, organiser, orchestrator, and the driving force behind all our activities. So every year we had our hari raya and chinese new year gatherings as well as gotong royongs. Sometimes we invited prominent politicians in the Federal Territory to officiate the ceremonies. Secondly, we are also lucky to have one of the DBKL directors living in the neighbourhood which facilitates our dealings with the local authority. Thirdly we had some bankers, printers,bakers and others living in the area who are more than willing to lend their money, time, products, and expertise for our cause. So the 1Malaysia spirit have been with us for quite sometime. This year’s raya gathering was held a few weeks ago and yours truly was again asked to be the MC for the event. It was quite amazing that we managed to collect more than RM2,000 in the blitz of collection during the registration. In the true spirit of proactiveness, we already nominated the chairman for next year’s Chinese New Year do.

Gotong royong held in August this year
Gotong royong held in August this year

Former Wangsa Maju's MP was the guest  at this year's raya gathering
Former Wangsa Maju's MP was the guest at this year's raya gathering

Food, glorious food
Food, glorious food

MC tetap ?
MC tetap ?


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