Judging general feeling thru’ blogs

Recently I came across a very interesting article in the Discovery magazine. A research done on blog postings since 2005 provided some indications on the general feelings of the world today. Let me explain, the researchers used general terms that are usually associated with happiness such as “smile”, “happy”, “glad” etc found in the blog to indicate the feelings of happiness. Conversely, words that are associated with sadness such as “gloom”, “funeral”, “suicide” etc indicate the feeling of sadness.
A survey was done on 2.5 million blog postings since 2005 and it was found that the youth of world are a sad lot. Bloggers 14 – 25 years old seemed to use a lot of sad words in their blogs. Bloggers after 25 years old seems to be happier and the trend goes up until it seemed to stabilise for bloggers at 60 years old where the trend towards sadness creeps back.
Can we believe such findings as an indicator of today’s society?


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