Megat Terawis?

Many people have been asking me why I used MegaterawisPanjiAlam as my pseudoname for this site. A bit of historical digression (which I unfortunately am in no position to validate its authenticity) may explain why. Certain group of Malays had this unique style of putting their clan’s or family’s name – they put it at the beginning of their names. A simple example would be the Syeds and Sharifahs, Niks, Wans,Tengku, Raja,and of course Megat and their female version, the Puteri. These prefixes denotes certain class of the families as compared to the ordinary mortals like us. The Tengkus and Rajas are normally of the royal blood. Some families are very strict about this. I know a few Syeds and Sharifahs who would not approve the weddings of their children unless it is to another Syed or Sharifah clan. Even in this internet and smartphone days. They believe some misfortune would befell on them if the custom was not followed and furthermore they believe that the Syeds and Sharifahs are descendants of the Prophet Muhammad and they are of a noble blood and of a higher caste (phew!!).
BTW, do you know that in Perak, if a Syed or Sharifah get married to a commoner(?), their male offsprings ideally would carry the title Meor? Strange enough, Meor had no female version. Nah ..not Mia, Mira, Meora, or Amirah… All male offspings of a Meor would carry the title Meor as well. A not so well known tradition is that, in Perak, if a Puteri got married to a non titled male, their male off spring should carry the title Tun (I can hear you snigger by now, never mind, a bit of knowledge on Perak Malay courtesan tradition won’t hurt). That is why I can tell you that this DPP Tun Hamzah or that police officer Tun Hisan most probably had their roots planted in Perak.
OK enough of this mumbo jumbo on Perak Malays naming convention. Megat Terawis was a warrior in the Perak royal court many moons ago. My late uncle used to tell me that we were his descendants. You see, my grandmother, Puteri Bee bt Megat Aminullah, was a second generation direct descendants of Megat Terawis. In those feudalistic days, a Megat would mary a Puteri so that the offspring can carry the title Megat or Puteri at the beginning of their name. But my grandma got married to a commoner so to speak and we did not get the chance to carry the title Megat. My mum was plain Som bt Kulop Lamat and my late maternal uncle was plain Abd Rahim bin Kulop Lamat. So, in memory and tribute of the great ‘hulubalang istana’ Megat Terawis, I use his name. I reckon, I do had some bragging rights about this. Maybe I should change it to Tun Shamsuddin. Ha..ha..LOL.LOL.LOL.


2 thoughts on “Megat Terawis?

  1. Let bygones be bygones.
    Take what was good and remember what was bad so that it wouldn’ happen again!!

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