Welcome Ramadhan

Last week has been a rather mixed bag of a week. I was in Seremban on Monday to Wednesday then on to Malacca and then early Thursday morning I was in Pagoh, the DPM’s area. I was there to witness the launching of the much hyped Kampus Astro – a CSR effort by Astro to provide the schools with a decoder, LCD TV and 12 educational channels. Sound very well and dandy. I am just hoping that the schools would fully utilise the facilities. But experience tells me it would be just another one of those things that quickly fizzled out as soon as the circus left town. We talked to the Astro guys about this, pointing out the possible pitfalls and what should be done to avoid a repeat of the debacle of the many previous CSRs exercises. I even drafted this point in the launching speech of the DPM.

kampus ASTRO - beyond the glitz, hopefully it'll work
kampus ASTRO - beyond the glitz, hopefully it'll work

My beloved daughter flew back to McGill U on Saturday. Typical of her kelam kabut ways – she discovered that her flight was on 22nd instead of 23rd, only three days before the actual date. Then came the mad scramble to get things ready for the journey and various aunties and akaks started to come to ask for favour to carry things for their loved ones in Montreal. The clerk at the check in counter nonchalantly told us that we had to pay RM2475 for excess baggage. For a moment I thought he was joking. I asked again and he was grinning when he said the charges was RM273 per excess kilo. We quickly had to rearrange her luggage, taking out all the things we deemed too heavy. After much rearrangement, the excess was brought down to 7 kilos instead of the previous 12 kilos. The young man managing the counter was kind enough to let the luggage in for free, not without reminding us that the cost would have been RM1745!! Thank you sir, may Allah bless you always.
I was on leave on Monday only to be called back by the afternoon to attend a workshop in Shah Alam. Then I discovered that as many as 15 of my colleagues in the office have moved on to other divisions. Gosh! I was away for only a week! To top it up one of the participant at the meeting was quarantined for H1N1 which was confirmed a few days later. Now the rest of us have to wait for another week to see if any symptoms starts to develop, if it is we have to quickly go to the hospital for confirmation tests.
Anyway, I take this opportunity to wish all my muslim friends Marhaban Ramadan al Kareem.


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