As a part of the effort to improve education delivery, the government introduced in 2008 a video streaming educational site called eduwebtv. You can check it out at
The initiative is not to be confused with the Microsoft’s version that use TV to view the web. Having said that, it is not to say that this eduwebTv cannot be viewed via TV, of course it can. With the proper tools and softwares of course. But to view this site all you need is a computer with internet connection, which is quite ubiquitous in urban dwellers these days as well as in thousands of schools.
When the ministry was airing Educational TV not so many moons ago via TV2, then ASTRO channel 13, then TV9, the main complaint was that the scheduling was lousy. Teachers and students cannot view them as and when they are free and they have to record the programme they wanted to see and view it later, which of course a bit of a hassle. With this EduwebTV thingy, one can view the programme on demand in real time and you can search for title that you need to view. Of course the tagline view it anywhere anytime is also applicable in this case.
Basically this eduwebTv is a video streaming site that streams down videos on educational materials. As it is, the site has channels on News, Interactive, Curriculum, Academic, Magazine, Interviews, Live and Guide channels. The News channel provide news on the educational events in the country and it is bilingual – BM and English. The Curriculum channel carries the terestrial TV Pendidikan programmes that have been webtized. And if you are not sure how to apply for MUET, or scholarships or even PTK – try the Guide channel.

If you have a reasonable internet connection, while waiting for that youtube or dailymotion sites, why not give this eduwebtv thing a shot. .

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  1. Strange thing that I have posted some snippets from that site but they did not get uploaded. Even the web address was missing (it was there nin the draft I have done it before without any probs. Any clue, anybody.

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