The danger of emotional arrogance

Arrogance as defined in the wikipedia is “unwarranted pride”. It is associated with with hubris. Hubris (/hjuːbrɪs/) (ancient Greek ὕβρις) is a term used in modern English to indicate overweening pride, superciliousness, or arrogance, often resulting in fatal retribution (Wikipedia’s version). In fact due to its overweening pride and potential damage to society, hubris was a crime in Ancient Greece. In Islam, ‘sombong’ and ‘riak’ are close acquaintance of arrogance and both are very serious sins. Being human, these feelings can quickly creep up on you without you knowing it and the effect can be very devastating. In Madinah, during Fajr prayer on Friday, the Imam would recite the long ayat Sajadah. Mid way, he would stop and sujud and go back up again to continue reading the ayat till the end. Many suraus and mosques in this country also practice that every Friday morning. The surau nearby the house also does that every Friday morning and I am quite used to it. Somehow, in Madinah last year I was quite confident that I would be all right and the miniscule feeling of I knew better than people from Kyrgyztan or the three quarter pants Turkish delegates unknowingly crept in. So when the imam started reading the ayat sajadah I knew what to do next and then…Allah is truly great and In the Holy Land He will show you who is the Boss very quickly and in a very magnified way. I noticed that only two of of us went down on our knees to sujud, the rest proceeded to do the rukuk. I had this creepy feeling that we were wrong and my mind went temporarily blank and I stopped midway undecided whether to sujud or go back up and do the rukuk like the rest. All my Friday morning payers experience all these years were simply blanked out of my mind. And I froze. The realisation came when the imam went back up again to continue reciting the ayat sajadah. Then only I realised that I should have go on and do the sujud. I have done that on numerous occasions in Malaysia, but there in Masjid Nabawi I simply did not know what to do. Within a split second Allah told me that my arrogance earlier was wrong and I was punished for it by temporarily blanking my mind. And the fear and regret struck down to the spine. How quick and simple Allah can show His power to us mere earthlings. That really thought me that arrogance would not get you anywhere and a very abhorred attitude by Allah. Humility my friend, humility.


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