An encounter with a daft parking system

On Friday my daughter who is undergoing industrial training was on night duty at the Putrajaya power station. Her session started at 10.30pm and ended around 3am. I cannot allow her to travel alone at that earthly hours, so after sending her to her workplace, I had about a few hours to kill. I have not been to the movies for a quite a while now. the wifey and I decided to try the Alamanda’s GSC. Being a weekend night the place was packed, the central parking was closed so we had to use the adjacent parking building. And I must register my displeasure at the management for designing such an irritating parking payment system (if you can call it a system, I suppose you can, since we are the input, and the gate process us, and we go inside to look for parking as the ouput, it fits the definition of a system). You see, it is pay per entry manless system. You pay to the machine as you enter. It was RM4 per entry, and the machine kept rejecting my RM1 notes, despite smoothing them out, inserting them via different combination of faces of the note. It finally accepted my money after trying a total combination of value something like RM10. Six were rejected. It took almost ten minutes to get into the parking area. Fortunately it was almost 11pm and there were no cars behind us. I cannot imagine if it was around 8 or 9pm. I am sure I’ll be deaf due the incessant honking of irritated tailers. Of course the machine accepts coins but tell me in these cashless days who had four ringgit coins in their cars or pockets? Why can’t they do what other parking areas are doing – take your ticket as you enter, pay at the machine before you collect your car to leave the area. Better still, free parking after 10pm! No wonder people were parking by the road dividers. This sort of system creates unnecessary jam at the entrance. I can’t think of a more stupid system, and it happens in Putrajaya, within kilometeres of our MSC nerve centres! The least they could do is to put a notice a few metres before the entrance to remind the users of the parking system that they employ rather than catching users off guard. I have never encounter a more silly parking system than this in KL.


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