Children say the darndest thing!

Amir Muhammad had two books out with the title “Politicians say the darndest things” Vol I and II respectively. The books contained collection of quirky statements made by politicians over the years even during the pre independent days. Samy Vellu had the honour of most quotes just like Nazri Aziz.
On the subject of saying things, children usually in their innocence say things that make us contaminated adults really cringe. I was in Muar on Saturday, accompanying my nephew getting married. The entourage were quite big, around 20 of us, including children. The akad nikah was held in a mosque in Jln Sungai Abong, a few hundred metres from the bride’s house. while waiting for the bersanding we were stationed at a nearby house belonged to the relative of the bride. Around 1.00pm, two guys came to prepare my nephew for the occasion. The two guys wore macho looking black tight t-shirts and matching black jeans with shining studded belts. One of them even had his lips pierced. But their demeanor really contradicted their dressings and their raspy voices. There was this little girl who was so fascinated by the skills of the Pak Andam (or was it Mak Andam), she was intently watching them, constantly hovering around them, looking very keen. Being a child of the KBKK generation, her curiosity was abundant and her questions were unstoppable – much to the irritation of the two guys. Then came the killer question that really floored us and of course the Pak Andam. “Awak ni pondan ke?” The question was innocent enough, but caught everybody stunned. Apparently embarassed at the brutal honesty of the question, both of them did not answer and the parents quickly shooed the girl away.
My question is, what is wrong with the little girl asking that kind of question? It was embarassing of course to the parents, but then we have asked children to bold and honest in their questions. Then why should us shoo them or even reprimand them for asking a simple albeit brutal questions?


One thought on “Children say the darndest thing!

  1. Nothing wrong with those children asking questions, but what were the parents supposed to do in those kinds of situation, diplomatically speaking?

    May be we should let children handle those PCs with politicians.

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