Najib’s 100 days in office

The sixth Prime Minister 100 days in office was marked with a special occasion at KLCC yesterday. As far as my nearly half a century old memory can remember, none of the previous Premier made a special gathering to mark their 100 days in office. Kudos to his media spinners for coming up with “100 hari bersama rakyat” gathering. A slew of announcements were made to endear the people to the Government. I reckon, many of the announcements made are logical steps that should have been taken by a sensible Government. Nevertheless, the jury are still out on their judgement of his performance for the last 100 days. Personally, I think he has done well.

100 hari bersama rakyat gathering at PICC
"100 hari bersama rakyat" gathering at PICC

As an educationist, I found the partial abolishment of the beleagured PPSMI was a major and brave decision. I use the word partial because the policy continues at the matriculation and tertiary level. The decision incurred the wrath of Dr. M who said the Government is not listening to the voice of the people and he feared for the future of Malaysians. I am still wondering how he could claimed the result of the online blog poll that he conducted could be hailed as the voice of the 27 million people in the country. Zulkifli Noordin made an interesting observation. He said the Philippines used English in much of their learning system but had not made much progress in their technological advances (if only he knew that the Philippines are way ahead of us in the field of animation, he would not had made that statement). On the other hand, Japan produced all sorts of earth shattering equipments with their inventors not knowing a word of English. The argument is flawed of course but it is quite logical.
Anyway, the 20% reduction in toll for those who use them more than 80 times a month is a clever move. I am yet to see the details of the suggestion. I just hope they do not attached strangulating conditions to the suggestion and it will end up only benefiting a select few – just like the discount on users who use the highway after midnight. On normal month, I would have paid toll on the DUKE at least 50 times, assuming 25 working-day a month. On top of that, I would have paid toll eight times on the KL-Karak Highway, eight on the Grand Saga and probably numerous number of times on the Kerinchi Link, PLUS, MEX, AKLEH, and Besraya. I hardly use the LDP and KESAS these days. So under normal circumstances I should be able to benefit from the toll discount move. InsyAllah. Subject to T and C of course.

I am also waiting for the details on the KPI for the public transport. I was a public transport man until four years ago when I found it too much of a hassle to commute to Bangi using the public transport. During the CCEM in June, I tried using the LRT again and I found it really wanting especially during peak hours. I still do not understand why Rapid KL cannot increase the number of coaches on the Kelana Jaya Line. It is really sardine life for the commuters every morning and late afternoon. But I have my reservation about the reduction of the training cost to obtain motorcycle licence. If the aim is to ensure more bikers are riding with proper licence that maybe useful but I think the aim should be to reduce fatalities and injuries among motorcyclists. Unless there is a clear link between having a licence and a reduction of accident among motorcyclists, the exercise would merely make the job of the traffic policemen slightly easier – they no longer have to detain many unlicensed kapcai riders during roadblocks. I reckon the RTD is improving the syllabus of the training so that the riders are more prepared when they take on the road once they obtain their licences.
All these are positive vibes that show the Government is really reforming and working for the people not just because of the current by election, because, as Lee Ann Rhimes said ” shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice”

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