Going round Negeri Sembilan in one day

On Saturday we were instructed to do a site visit to SK Palong 14, Gemas, Negeri Sembilan. To be honest, I do not have a clue where is the school. Google map did give some rough indication on its location, but there is no substitute of being there. Three of us started on the office’s Wira circa 8.00am.  After stopping for breakfast at the Nilai stop over, I was telling myself, maybe we could reach the school by 10.00am.  The fellas in the other car were saying it would be easier if  we exit the Sg Ampat and proceed via Tampin. But my colleague in the car said, it would be easier if we go via Bahau and Kuala Pilah, travessing the infamous Bukit Putus. So off we went, one car intent on using the Tampin’s way and the other via Kuala Pilah. It is more like the deaf leading the blind.  After a few guessings, reversings and junction missing, we reached the school at 12 noon, the other party arrived half an hour earlier.

I was pleasantly surprised – the school seemed to be well maintained and adequately equipped. The Prime Minister has done a splendid job in his capacity as the chairman of the Cabinet committee on FELDA. The FELDA settlers in Palong scheme seemed to have houses a lot bigger than mine, complete with all the modern world’s creature comforts.  I was just wondering whether the next generation of FELDA can sustain the kind of living they are enjoying now.

We decided to go back using the Tampin’s way. We started around 2.30pm but somehow somewhere we missed a junction and before we knew it, were were in Alor Gajah, Melaka! With that we have traversed almost the whole of NS.  No wonder we reached the office  only at 6.30pm. It was tiring, but I enjoyed the journey through the lush  greeneries, winding roads, and unhurried villages. Of course, I must mention the irresistable gulai pisang lemak cili api daging salai. Only my late mum and my Kak Yong can cook gulai lemak cili api that good. Mind you, they commonly inherited the Sumatran’s way of cooking masak lemak cili api with the NS folks.


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