Still on the 17th CCEM

The 17th Commonwealth Committee of Education Ministers (CCEM) meeting ended yesterday with a visit to the Seri Puteri School in Cyberjaya. I was in the the school as early as 7.30 am only to be told that the event would only starts at 9.00am. But then at least the lull period gave me the chance to check on the preparation for the vid con with Alam Shah and KEVII. Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly and the school even provide an announcer who can speaks french to cater cater for the Francophones Commonwealth reps. Isn’t it ironic, here we are gathering in KL as apart of the big former British colony family and some of us chose to converse in French! I would say France has a bigger influence than the British.
I also chanced a meeting with an European Union rep who wanted to know why aren’t we big on Asian Science and asking me why we hold on to the British (i.e. Western) science. I was rather bewildered, since to me science is the art of explaining how thing works and it does not matter where its origins are. Well I did not get the chance to have a further discourse with him on the issue. Probably we’ll do that online one of these days. In fact one of the delegate (from PNG, I think) did ask a question how do Malaysians reconcile the scientific advancements with our Islamic faith, especially in the areas where faith and science are on a collision course, such as in the Darwin’s theory of evolution. My knowledge on this is very skin deep, if any. I directed him to check further answers from IKIM’s website. As far as i can see, universal values (be it Islamic or other religions) have been inculcated across our curricula

Yours truly at the MoE's 17th CCEM exhibition stage
Yours truly at the MoE's 17th CCEM exhibition stage

since 1980s with KBSR and KBSM. Students have been imbued with good universal values since their kindergartens. As for reconciling between science and faith, I think we take science as academic exercise and faith as spiritual enrichment. I do not know how the actual mechanisms of reconciliation works. but somehow it is holding in this country.

Visitors to the MoE's booth
Visitors to the MoE's booth

Anyway, again I am taking this opportunity to thank the tireless team headed by Zaharah in making the exhibition a success. I believe we had close to 2000 visitors to the booth in the three days that the exhibition was done.


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