Malaysian education odyssey – the CCEM 17th exhibition

Today we were busy fixing the exhibition panel for the CCEM 17th exhibition which is due to start tomorrow. The MoE’s exhibition is themed on Malaysian Education Odyssey: the past, present and future. The exhibition revolves around the policies, infrastructure, teachers, curriculum and pupils along the the past five decades since Malaysia (or Malaya)gained independencein 1957, in the context of the Commonwealth. This year’s conference theme is “Education in the Commonwealth – towards and beyond global goals and targets”. MoE’s exhibitions depicts Malaysian achievement in the context of that theme.
A brief decade by decade milestones were presented in terms of policies, infrastructure, teachers, curriculum and pupils vis a vis Malaysian educational journey towards meeting the global targets and beyond.
In brief, the 60s, the fledgling nation put a strong emphasis on nation building with Unity and Universal Education being the major thrusts.
The 70s, the New Economic Policy was put in place to level the economic and social structure via greater educational opportunities to the poor. The decade also saw the establishment of several new universities and the implementation of the Malay language as the sole medium of instruction in secondary schools and institution of higher learning – a continuation of the policy on education as an instrument of unity.
The 80s saw a rapid economic expansion where Malaysia moved from agrarian country to an industrialised one. The decade also saw the beginning of ICT in education to prepare the country for the information age. In this decade also saw the introduction of the integrated curriclum for for schools.
The 90s was the beginning of modern Malaysia, led by Dr M and the formulation of the vision 2020 policy. Malaysia achieved 90% primary education in this decade. Multi Media Supercorridor was set up with Smart School as one of the flagship application. The Smart school was established to ransform the learning institution in terms of teaching and learning processes and administration and management to spearhead Malaysia’s accelaration towards the new millennium with IT savvy and information rich workforce.
The 200s, the new millennium saw Malaysia moving towards knowledge economy with more schools equipped with ICT facilities. Access and equity were improved by providing better educational facilities even to the rural and remote areas. The transformation of the curriculum was started in order to produce a more balanced individual as envisioned by the National Education Philosophy. Malaysia also sent people into outer space in this decade. And Malaysia has managed to surpas the Millennium development goals in eradication of poverty – less than 10%, well before 2015.
In a nutshell, Malaysia has achieved a lot in the past five decades in terms of educational development and we are prepared to move beyond the global targets.
(Ha..ha.. that was boring was it not? -Actually that was my opening presentation to the delegates visiting the booth come 16th June. You are welcome to thrash it so that I can make a better presentation. But then, I must get your input by tomorrow or it would become rather academic.)


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