The CCEM 17th

Next week would be a very busy week. That is not to say I am quite lax now, but least  I can put a temporary stop to my attending meetings mode. For the past month I have attended 24 meetings, that is almost one meeting everyday. Some of the meetings had the misfortunes of me chairing them.  BTW, as I was saying, next week would be the 17th CCEM meeting week. CCEM stands for Commonwealth Council of Education Ministers. Every three years they would meeto to discuss common issues and this year is the 50th anniversary of the Commonwealth and the 17th meeting of the CCEM. My department has been tasked to prepare the exhibition in conjunction with the 17th CCEM.  It will held at the famous KLCC on the 15-18th June. It is a mammoth task to prepare for the exhibition that depicts Malaysia’s odyssey in education . We have been preparing  for this for almost two years, as soon as it was announced that Malaysia would be host this year, we have started our preparation. The past, present and future directions is the plot of the exhibitions with education for all and towards achieveing the millennium development goals as the main theme (see for details).

I must say, I raised my hat off to the dedicated team who prepared the contents, design and the peripherals of the ehibition. Without them the Ministry’s exhibit would be bland. Thank you so much to Ms Zaharah and her tireless team. Basically the exhibition comprises four main pop up explanation panels, a video presentation area, an active learning area, and booths for our special guests like UNESCO, SEAMEO, RECSAM etc. It is a huge contraption taking the whole of Hall 4 in the KLCC. So if you happen to be in KLCC next week, do pop up at the KLCC exhibition halls and if you happen to see these frail guys and girls infront of the pop up panels deftly explaining Malaysian odyssey in education since the fifties and sixties, and the future, wearing a smelly curry strewn not so white anymore Ministry of Education’s corporate shirt, but still as enthusiastic as ever, that’s probably my people doing their job (or maybe it is yours truly in action) . I am glad thatI do not have to wear that dark lounge suit thing. It is so unMalaysian.


2 thoughts on “The CCEM 17th

  1. Salam to you my friend, my ex-boss and in many ways, my mentor. To me CCEM17 exhibition was the biggest ever event that i have had the opportunity to lead since BTP 30 Tahun in 2001 , and the most satisfying. Of course, i am very fortunate to have such an excellent team and an understanding boss like you. I likened you to: (in a good way) ‘these straight orderly raised bumps on the road’ – Always subtly reminding us to ‘pause’, ‘evaluate’ before rushing head-on with whatever is coming. Nevertheless, my team is also forever indebted to our (also ex-boss) Dr Masnah. (We would never have achieved what we did without her military training!)

  2. Zaharah,
    You are being too modest. I did not do much actually. It was like a chugging train with you as the EMU. I was just one of the station master who waved the flags every now and then to stop or move the train. As I said many times before, you and your team were immensely superb in concocting the exhibition – what a brew.

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