Status of ICT integration in education

The trouble with us are that we are too modest to be proud of our achievement and blow our own trumpet and we are too proud to admit our own mstakes. In the recent meetings that I attended to compare notes between eleven ASEAN countries, I can safely say that we are only second behind Singapore. Being small and rich give them definite advantage. They are already talking about handling autonomy to schools to pick and choose their equipments and build their own materials. They are  already talking about computer ethics and online learning manners/etiquette. One thing their bosses were not afraid of admitting mistakes. They tried RFID with their students a few years back and now they admitted that it was not a good idea. They are already in their third phase of ICT master plan. On the other hand, Brunei is another small and rich country but not doing as well as Singapore. I guess, it is all about the priority of the top people.  Singapore give bigger priority to ICT in their education as comparaed to Brunei. Even though both are small and rich countries. Thailand and Indonesia had to grapple with such a big and varied geographical locations as well as political stability. At least Indonesia managed to integrate their data bases for the schools, universities and other institutions into one big network. Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar are still on a stage we were in six or seven years back. But ignore them at your own perils – especially Cambodia. Mdec is helping them. Vietnam is catching up fast, but we have to take everything that they reported with a pinch of salt. They had the tendency to blow their own trumpet a tad too loudly.  Timor Leste is a poor country recently recovered from civil war. Computer facilities are only available in Dili (its capital) and is almost non existant in schools. They are trying establish an Educational Management System of some sort. They are definitely in the Emerging state of integration of ICT in education. Malaysia is quite well advanced, I could safely say that we are well into the Infusion stage and even some aspects  (like vision, collaborative works) already well into the Transformation stage. But some aspects (like use of coursewares, use of computer labs and maintenance and support) we are still stuck in the Applying stage.


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