Welcome back! Alhamdulillah

I am welcoming back yours truly after almost a month of enforced silence. Mind you, not that I am freaking out. Things have been a bit of helter skelter lately. We have the Smart School seminar, then a new boss came along. A sharp, no nonsense boss. I think I need that to perk me spirit up. Hell a lot a meetings recently. I lost count on the number of meetings I have attended and some of them I had the misfortune of chairing. We have to brief her, helped her to get the  grips of things, more restructuring (well only the fourth time so far), reallignment, strategic meetings, you name it. But I must say the new boss is a breath of fresh air – something like my former teacher. She is strict but fair and always has an ear for us and had a penchant for asking the right questions that put us in a ahh..ughh..ummp spot. I had a few of those embarassing moments for the past couple of weeks. You know what I mean. That was my early thoughts of her. As if things were not hectic enough, we had a new deputy as well. That really compounded the ferocity of the number of meetings and briefings to be held. My family is getting used to me coming back well after Isyak. Not that I came back that early before, but this time it more frequent plus thw weekend as well. I suppose I have to accept the true fact that Government servant is on duty 24/7. Gone were the days when civil servants can have it easy. I think the image must erased from the  public vision. We must deliver not on time but before time! I reckon we cannot simply look at the amount of pay that we get. That of course is peanuts, but looking at the whole picture, our overall cost to the government is quite hefty. We have free medical, travelling claims, housing allowance, COLA, entertainment allowance etc. Not a huge figure, but if you add that up with the pension that we are going to get after we retire as long as we draw our breath, it is comparable to the private counterparts. On top of that, we won;t get sacked just because of economic slowdown. At worst we get get a paycut, but we won’t be dismissed – unless we do something against the law. No matter how inefficient we are, Government won’t dismiss us. They can’t. As long as you keep clocking in and out religiously and stay at the office or go where ever they ask you to go, you job is safe. I must be thankful to allah for that, especailly under this -6.5% economic reduction.


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