Costly thank you messages

Zoom Malaysia?
Zoom Malaysia?

One of the statements made by the our new Prime Minister that caught my attention is his abhorrence to advertisements or billboards with photos of politicians on them. This was pretty obvious on the previous  Zoom Malaysia holidays adverts by the Tourism Ministry. I remember commenting about this to my wife while we were driving to Malacca last year. I failed to see the logic of having to put the faces of Pak Lah, Najib and Azalina on the Zoom Malaysia billboard. Would that really attract more visitors or tourists to the country?. Malaysians who did not recognise  the face of our Prime Minister, definitely do not deserve to be Malaysians. The  logic to put up their faces on the holiday destinations’ billboards is definitely flawed.

On the same note, I saw a lot of congratulatory and thank you messages splash across the media to certain politicians or ministers for oficiating certain functions, be it exhibitions, seminars, housing schemes, new programmes, etc. I don’t mind if the parties who put up these adverts were the private sectors but if government agencies placed expensive adverts in the mass media thanking ministers for officiating their occasions, I do not think is prudent. It is plain wastage. I am sure a lengthy thank yous, gratitudinal speeches were made during the occasion itself, even to the point of nauseating, why  is then the need to prove the point further by placing adverts in the mass media thanking the politicians for gracing the occasions?. It would have have been more meaningful if the thank you note is addressed to the people who have been toiling days and nights to make the event memorable. The advertisements could easily run to six fugure sums, more if it is in full page colour  adverts. It is people’s money that we are talking about. I am also glad that the prime minister has called for a stop to the red carpet, bunga manggar, throngs of beauties, beleagured school children standing in the sweltering sun, to welcome ministers officiating events. It is time we pay more attention to substance rather than form


One thought on “Costly thank you messages

  1. I saw a few big congratulation billboards (maybe 2m x 10m?) with new PM smiling face while travelled around KL on the 9th April. I am not sure who is responsible for this apple polishing act since they bore no visible signature. I don’t know if they are still around there (Jalan Cheras, Jalan Loke Yew…).

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